LUNG KONG KUNG SHAW also known as the Lung Kong Kung Shaw Society, Honolulu, Hawaii Chapter was organized in 1919. The objectives of the Society are to promote peace, love and fellowship among its members. The membership is comprised of surnames and maiden surnames of Lau, Quon, Chong and Chu, or their anglicized equivalents, (Liu, Kwan, [Cheong, Jong, Jang], and [Chiu, Jow, Jau]). It also perpetuates and practices the virtues of noble principles of our forefathers: Generals Lau Pei, Quon Yee, Chong Fei, and Chu Tsi Lung, the roots of the four famous families. Thirdly, to organize for the purpose of perpetuating our Chinese cultural practices, traditions, arts, and teachings; organize for educational, charitable, and eleemosynary purposes through scholarships and gifts to charity throughout the community; to aid within its ability assistance to the needy and infirm members and the widows and children of our deceased members and to promote the general welfare of the Society and of the community.

The Society is worldwide known, where branches throughout the world celebrate annually on April 4th, which is declared Lung Kong Day. The building rests at 1432 Liliha Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 and was built in 1952.

The motto of our Society is Righteousness, Loyalty, Benevolence, and Bravery.

There are many activities scheduled throughout the year, celebrating the four general ancestors as well as the Spring Banquet, and Bai San, etc.